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i have been told that i should be looking at higher ratios than the standard 3. 6L. 08 ratio if needed Differential Model Name: Vehicle Model Code/Description: Diff Type: Shaft Diameter: Spline: Lock Right: Aussie Locker: Spartan: Dana 30: AMC Eagle, Ford Areostar Dec 26, 2014 · R31/bw78 diff shorten/leaf mounts is not cheap either but you don't have to drill the axles. any one have any experience in this area that can let me know if this will work or what problems i might have? cheers on May 26 2010, 08:02 AM within the General Differential Model Name: Vehicle Model Code/Description: Diff Type: Shaft Diameter: Spline: Lock Right: Aussie Locker: Spartan: Dana 30: AMC Eagle, Ford Areostar Apr 28, 2009 · yea if aus r31 will b bw78 diff. then you know you got a good diff and warranty Aug 15, 2015 · XW diff. 5 inch crown wheel. Mar 10, 2019 · I am in the diff business bro, they only bring their diff shit here - not their cars. How much the Diff casing is different,,, ??? not sure, as I'm just chasing further info. 11s 3. How much does it cost to narrow a diff? I picked up a complete diff with discs and calipers $100 from a vs. 89s or 3. DAG3820 Designed for high performance street and competition use. 08 diff housing if you change diff gears the pinion AND crown wheel have to be changed. It's the cheapest way to do it and its fine. Probably best to pick up a complete skyline diff including brakes, this means you will have a set of 3. I have a VL n/a 25 spline o/c diff in my VH. and I used 80w140 mopar stuff in my diff and it helped **** it even faster. Can,t remember about pininons but they are strong enough to take around 5-600hp with the 28 spline axles if they are billet. press new 1 back on and this ring ur talkin about is ur shim, it sets the backlash between the pinion and crown gear. There seem to be a fair few knowledgeable people on here for diff internals, so I thought some of you may be able to help me. Re: BW78 diff gear backlash by VK_3800 » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:25 pm Backlash is somewhere in the region of 0. Rod ends are cm series mild steel housings. 375@116. Mar 10, 2019 · The distance between each axle differs between the big Ford and the BW78. Offroad Fords, lsd vs diff lock - Duration: 17:18. 9:1 BW78 crownwheel and pinion in a Falcon XE 3. 92 then I can fit a 2 pinion 25 spline LSD out of a fairlane or similar and can have ratios in the 3's using my original carrier. 77 then I can only have a 2 pinion 25 spline lsd in 2. Apr 10, 2014 · yes i started with a 3. seems like a good price however i cant afford it at the moment. 5 comes in the turbo VL diffs DIFF RATIO FORMULA. then just go 2 a bearing joint and match it up (dunno what auto places u have there?). pretty simple. 23 Diff Gears Borg Warner Gearset EF-EL-AU-BA-BF - $495. 00 I think the BW78 diff gear sets carried through from XR to the last of the utes, too - or were at least backwards compatible. By xwroo, August 15, 2015 in if you can find a 3 series borgy witch is a BW78 this will fit 3. KAAZ USA. Peep that spoiler too. 27:1. 60mm Apr 10, 2014 · Diff guy says, Option 1. Length is standard then extends +25mm longer to alter pinion angle. 2. i wanted to get the 3. 1 to 3. 2 inch 10 bolt, 8. In all cases, rotors used are the type that can be re-drilled to suit another 4 stud PCD, 4 x 110 for example. Smashed a few teeth off the pinion gear in my factory LSD diff about 3 months back. they are a matched pair. Carts:huh: It has been suggested to me by a notable Escort builder to run a diff from a mid 70s Volvo 240. 8 centre to a 3. 45 gears fit into an ef/el 3. You can fit gears of a BW75 (25spline) hemisphere onto a BW78 (28 spline) hemi but you will need to change the bearing on BW75 pinion gear and shim it up 70thou +/- when fitting into a BW78 housing. K, I want to replace my diffthe original is in it still, and while it was great for thr trusty 200 super pursuit, the motor has now got extractors, is about to get elect igntion, a Weber 32/36 carb, and possibly a lumpy cam. On the shelf 9" Diff housing and components from Currie Enterprises. BORG WARNER / BTR / DANA M75 & M76 & M78 4. 7,3. With a new pinion bearing, you will need to set your pinion depth, run a pattern, get a new crush sleeve or setup a solid spacer, etc. ( Webbey64 ) Hey there, i have been doing some thinking and i have a sneaking suspision that a VL BW78 diff will come very close to that of an EH's differential so with that being said could someone pretty please measure their BW78 diff for me from the inside of one drum to the inside of the other drum and post on here. 3:1. 5 x 114. Can anyone see any problems with this that are not physically evident? Is it that simple to just throw a 4 gear Differential Model Name: Vehicle Model Code/Description: Diff Type: Shaft Diameter: Spline: Lock Right: Aussie Locker: Spartan: Dana 30: AMC Eagle, Ford Areostar I can install a truetrac which I think you call a Detroit locker. They guy who does the diff swap is responsible for it. 23 EF-EL-AU-BA-BF 6cyl Please contact us via email with any product queries you might havePayment Policy Bank Deposit or COD is preferred to avoid PayPal Fees Immediate Payment is required after Purchasing the Item Item Re: S3 rx7 diff. Image may vary from actual product: YK GM7. 77 as it uses a completely different pinion offset. The Truetrac's  Custom bracketry & components made by Altra 9. Spacers are Cnc T6 6061 Ali. then you know you got a good diff and warranty BORG WARNER / BTR / DANA M75 & M76 & M78 4. The basic nuts for steel wheels remained at 1/2-20 for years. 08 question 3. (Redirected from BW78) These use a 'Salisbury' type differential, where the gears are embedded into the axle housing. 77 ratio. Moved Permanently. 8 diff with 31 spline billet axles, 5 stud conversion, 4 wheel disk brakes and mini tubbed. 223k on the clock. You can also fit a LSD center to any BW78 with open center, it's a straight swap, just fit your original crown wheel to the  BORG WARNER / BTR / DANA M75 & M76 & M78 4. VL Commodores onwards use a Borg Warner 78 series rear axle which doesn't interchange with the early Gemini BW 68 series diff centre. 08 diff housing Diff Technics Australia Pty Ltd. The document has moved here. Handbrake setup is a pain in the ass. Home About Gallery SHOP - COMING SOON! DIFF CONVERSIONS M80 WITH SPIGOT DANA SPICER CROWN WHEEL & PINION A$0. With OEM quality you can count on, our differential parts range is truly the ideal choice for you. 3-3. (the other was a BW78). 3 diff before. Only way to drain the oil is to remove the diff cover, or remove the axles. I think it's an 8 1/2", but there known to take some serious punishment. I can remember 4th is 1:1. 9 gears (manual or auto), 28 spline axles and 4 pinion centre. 3 PCD. Anyone that has a car with a BW78 Diff plz read. Lsds you can fit. For many years the differential in my 1978 Jaguar XJ-S has exhibited a slight whine after the differential oil has warmed up. now im wishing i did ,i used the same shims on the LSD centre,i didnt need a diff spreader,1st time i ever did any diff work ,i just need now to do the pinion as i imagine thats where the noise is coming from ? With the BW78 welded diffs and minispools I've driven in the past (in an R31) I found the welded diff to be quieter and smoother than the minispool. Old skool escorts. Stronger axles? #4 Post by spunbearing » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:02 pm From memory you can use VN Commodore Axels (left one I think is the same length) in a series 3 housing and change the LSD gears to match. blue74 I am planning on using a shortened Falcon BW78 diff in my car. Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world. Sections of this page. 23 or 3. Jump to. They use a large Salisbury diff and it isn't interchangeable with the small Salisbury at all. You need a variety of thickness of shims ranging from . However the intention is to convert this into a rally car. Anything you want to know about Borg Warner 78 Series diffs, can be found here. Working SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 2. 10:1 RATIO GEAR SET / CROWN WHEEL & PINION GENUNINE GEAR SET A GREAT PRICE. 89 and 4. 08 for a 9 inch diff. . Vk commodore Lsd borg Warner diff 28 spline axles 3. THIS ITEM IS NEW NEVER BEEN USED. specifically can a lsd centre with 3. 11. Adjustable upper trailing arms to suit R31 Aus Delivered Skylines with BW78 diff's. 11 to suit my gearbox/engine. ( Cheddle ) R31 and commodore diffs. 9,4. 5 gears. 28 spline axles are present in any BW diff using a 28 spline carrier in the centre (VLT/VLCT with 4 pinion LSD, VN-VS [all centres] ); however 28 spline axles from VN-VS may not be used in a VL diff housing (they are too long). Harrop Engineering strives to develop progressive design, manufacturing and quality systems in order to deliver outstanding driveline products, we are the choice for innovative driveline solutions that work when it matters. Hex adjuster is T6 6061 Ali. It's much of a muchness though, the chattering tyres and so on means neither will be that smooth or quiet. The BW78 diff out of a IRS Commodore V6 and some Fords. 5,3. 9 gears too, or get the pintara r31 diff for the 4. Diff ratio's For those interested in other diff ratios for the BW78, the Nissan R31 Skyline and Pintara also used the BW78, these were fitted with 3. Bw78 open diff from ford Comes with rotor and calipers 323, 1246567193 cheap strong diff for 1200 ute project. I've got a 2 door mk2 which has forest arches fitted. Condition is Used. replacing the diff in an XP Post by mcfly » Wed Oct 08, 2003 4:50 pm O. Aug 03, 2014 · I've got a 904 I'm building with a cheetah forward pattern manual valve body(the one with engine braking in 1st, picked that tip up here) 2800 - 3200 stall & disc brake LSD with 3. Re: Part number help please - 7. Right width for a Mk2 with flares,5x108 PCD,comes with discs and LSD from a Jeep cherokee (Dana 30) will fit with ratios down to 5. Excellent condition 4. Part Numbers * 38300-H1000BW Carrier & Diff Assembly * 38310-G0400BW Carrier * 38315-G0400BW Bolt- carrier  GM BW78. There is little difference to the LSD centre in any of these axles. 11 ratio, Skyline has 4 pinon 28 spline axles 3. Take a moment to join us, minds are waiting for you. Notice the completey different structure and flexible driveshafts, not present in the VL BW78 diff: Watts Linkages, invented by James Watts, are a live axle set up used by the V8 Supercars. Harrop Engineering design, develop and manufacturing precision components for low volume automotive OEMs, Performance and Industrial markets. 08:1 gears. For the people who love Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts. 75" differential, 9 bolt cover. 27 from me EB2 parts car fitted to me EB1 wagooon & fit the LSD from eitha the EA wagooon or the EA sedan but no to use the 3. Regular price $150. Re: VL diff length If you are after a bw78 diff use the skyline or pintara, better width and better gear ratio and discs. 77 M78 NEW FORD GENUINE OEM 3. Products. Landcruiser 40 = 4. R31 diff to get 1300mm need to shorten axles gets to mutch cost. Charlie says power is around 300rwhp, which gets to the ground via a two-speed ’Glide and a BorgWarner BW78 diff from a Commodore with road-friendly 3. 11 x 12% + = 4. The plug you're referring to is probably the filler plug, located on the diff cover. 5 inch 10 bolt and 12 bolt rear ends 1310, 1330, 1350 and 3R series Rounding out the driveline is a Turbo 400 ’box and 31-spline BorgWarner BW78 diff. and use an R31 Pintara 4. 5″ Mount one axle in a LARGE bench vise with splined end pointing straight up. BRAND NEW & GENUINE DANA CROWN WHEEL AND PINION GEAR SET SUIT Borg Warner M78 RATIO 3. Re: Hilux diff ratios. Fitting a 244/264 Volvo diff works well but doesn’t get a lot of publicity. ( tavomagoo ) Hey all just wondering if anyone knows if a 31 skyline diff is same as 31 pintara. 23's and above ratio centers they are allot easier to come Our Gearbox & Diff Shims are made out of a high qaulity tool steel. The BW78 centre components (reasonably easy to find LSD too) can be sourced from Xf diff center - Ford Modifications Website. The M75 and the M76 both use a 7. 3:1 open head that feels smooth and tight. im about to venture down the diff shortening path. 73 (manual and very rare) and 3. $550 LSD rebuild with new bearings and shimmed. 6. Three sizes are available: the VL turbo at 1400mm, R31 Skyline at 1410mm, and the 1440mm VN-onwards item, which is the most common these days. VLHERO has mentioned somewhere on here how he drilled and tapped a hole for a drain plug in his diff housing when he had the centre out. 11 Landcruiser 70 Differential Pinion Pre-Load Adjustment. The symptoms are classic for a differential pinion that, over time, has lost the factory pre-load settings. 0 4 cylinder 3. These kits include the following, as needed per application: pinion and carrier bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims, pinion nut, crush sleeve or depth shims, ring gear bolts (most applications), o-ring, gear marking compound & brush, Loctite, cover gasket or silicone, carrier Aug 27, 2008 · [Torviki] Fitting An R31 Skyline Bw78 Differential To Lh/x/uc - posted in LH-LX-UC Tech Articles: Article title: Fitting an R31 Skyline BW78 differential to LH/X/UCArticle description: by rorymCategory: General LH-LX-UCDate added: Aug 27 2008, 08:25 PMArticle starter: enderwigginauThis is article shows how and why to convert a Borg Warner 78 Diff from a Nissan Skyline R31to replace the Apparently this is the same diff that was in Australian Motor Industriesᵂ-built Corolla KE10, but those have a 4 x 110 wheel bolt pattern. left and right hand threads for in-situ adjustment. Where are you's lot getting your cheaper quotes for the "new cut style" gearsets? BTW the quote was for Chevrolet Camaro Pinion Yokes for 7. Recently I purchased a Dyneer "Truetrac" LSD Centre for a Toyota diff project I have underway currently. Back it up with a kitted trimatic (V8 internals & shift kit) & 3000rpm converter. KE55's have Borg Warner 4. Go further Off-Road, Free Freight, Low cost, Buy online. 12. Harrop is a preferred supplier of Eaton Supercharger and Traction Control technology. Maker of Aussie Locker* from 2003 to 2011. Not sure if you have them over there. Here is a link VL Turbo 6 & V8 Holden Commodore Torque Lock LSD Truetrac Alternative M78 Diff Or I have been offered a 30 spline 8 3/4 diff. The higher the gear ratio, the more the wheels will rotate in relation to the tail-shaft. Wanna put 4. 08 LSD. so i've decided to give it a crack myself but this is the first ford we have ever owned so i have a few questions if any one can lend a bit Harrop Engineering design, develop and manufacturing precision components for low volume automotive OEMs, Performance and Industrial markets. At Repco, we stock a wide range of differential automotive parts to suit everyone and every vehicle. At home Ive got an old R31 series 3 Ti Sedan which has god a real whiny diff. Warick’s unsure of the power, given he has been self-tuning the Haltech ECU on the fly, but his bum tells him it’s around the 450rwkW mark, with a fair bit of juice left to burn. can all diff centres be swapped around (I know about 25/28 spline differences so dont confuse) the 3. I know some are irs so they won't fit cheers on May 22 2011, 01:24 PM within the Help & Advice category. Diff Suggestions for an arched mk2-Volvo axle? Hey guys, I have finally started getting into the guts of the car now, however I'm finding that everything is very dependant on one another. 3002 Dow Ave, Suite #528 Tustin CA 92780 PH1: 1+ (888) 522-KAAZ (5229) PH2: 1+ (714) 636-5000 FAX: 1+ (714) 636-5001 A Borgwarner isn’t the only choice for a pre-HK Holden diff upgrade. i have a vn diff here,welded a piece of 5mm bar to it and there is no way you can break it off. please dont go to any real effort, i only asked to see if anyone knew the answer before i put any real effort in myself. Over here in Australia our Mopars have a light duty bw78 BorgWarner 25 spline diff set up. if it was me i'd do that. Browse by. Diff Technics Australia Pty Ltd. Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time. It had 3. I even rang 2 more dealers and got the same quote. Wheel spin out is limited by the differential, which employs pinion- and side-gear separation forces to automatically transfer torque to the wheel with the best traction. I have narrowed both and one you do everything from the rear meaning the driver axle is on your right hand side. 9s in it at the time, and i don't remember it pegging very much before this or even at all. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for Caribbean Airlines 78 (BW78/BWA78) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times. At the moment I'm using a bog warner 1. 6032. Loading Unsubscribe from dqk648nw? Cancel Unsubscribe. Haha cheers tim. 11:1 other ratio's also available are 3. These you can get from Skyline diffs 2nd hand. 005″ increments. $1400 True Trac (I think) Option 2. 007" if I remember correctly, but gear mesh is more important. 11 but you will need to get skyline axles. Currently fitted with stock 200 crossflow and c4 auto. The diff wont be centered, normally the diff is offset a bit to the driver's side, but in doing it this way it offsets it to the passenger side. you cant unbolt old, put in new, slap it back together and she'll be right. I have a couple of choices. 75" Borg Warner; Included are Timken bearings and races along with high quality seals and small parts. The diff is a BW78. 00 Aug 24, 2005 · The diff ratios and gear ratios for ke55 4 and 5 speeds are identical, except that the 5-speed has overdrive. I have a center from a VS commodore with the 4 spider gears and it sits in the center fine. This is Charlie’s first time at Drag Challenge , and at the time of writing the week was so far going to plan for him. Machine and respline the long axle down to length. There is no material difference between VN and R31 you can put a borg warner diff in a 1200 ute (originally equipped with H165 rear axle) using the original B120 U- bolts Diff gears (crown wheel and pinion) are interchangeable between all BW 78 diffs including all IRS diffs. 68,709 likes · 37 talking about this. 70 pro / 35 spl pinion There is no diff drain plug in VL BW78 housings. 5spdvl Sep 12, 2009 · After being quoted about $5,000 to buy and set up a 9 inch, the diff guy I use said my Borg Warner will be fine for street / light racing, at around a third of the cost to set up for triangulated 4 link. Heard stories of early rx7 diff's, l300 van diff's, Datsun 200b diff's but theres limited information and parts availability all comes into play I suppose. 08 ratio if needed Re: Performance diff info thread. can someone please help me. 11:1 diffs. 9 and had to change the housing due to it having an offset pinion for the higher ratio not sure if 4. 27 i was told to use the EB2 wagooon diff with the EB2 3. 45/3. I've put a New Zealand spec VN Commodore 2. you have to set the pinion pre load and backlash on the gears once it's been changed. OnSong Performance, Blackbutt, Queensland, Australia. There are vlt diff’s on ebay no axles for over $1000. Browse our selection and order online today. Heaps of afrtemarket ratios and centres available if needed although not as easy to swap out as a Banjo style of diff. will need 2 drop ur centre out and press off the old bearing. Adjustable upper trailing arms to suit VB-VS Commodores with BW78 diff's. by VK_3800 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:52 pm M75 and others are available in both IRS and live axle, as you say the only difference is the groove in the side gears for the circlip in the IRS version. i want to retain the VS axles/housing/center ect. May 20, 2015 · BW78 diff centre question - posted in Driveline: So i have a bw78 diff from an XC falcon? With the 2 spider gear center. If my diff is a 2. What length do we go to? I wish I knew. 15 25 50 75 100 Show: Default Name (A - Z) Name (Z - A) Price (Low > High) Price (High > Low) Rating (Highest) Rating (Lowest) Model (A - Z) Model (Z - A) Sort By: They're for our diffs, the BW78, also known as the GM 9 bolt in the states. I You retain your original housing, tailshaft, brakes etc - all they do is update the centre to the LSD 4-pinion BW78 unit (aka M78). I understand if I abuse it, it not gonna last but $550 is within budget so am going option 2. 50 thickness - $15. Fits GM 7. 010″ to . The BW78 can be easily shortened. D. I rang a nissan dealer and for the crown and pinion , they want just short of $1000. Re: what diff oil to use for LSD?? by Frost » September 15th, 2008, 7:38 am do you know what color it is, becasue up until AU opt20 police packs had different LSD oil put in it. $900 isn't bad for the full rebuild. 92 LSD EA wagooon diff as well as Re: what diff oil to use for LSD?? by Frost » September 15th, 2008, 7:38 am do you know what color it is, becasue up until AU opt20 police packs had different LSD oil put in it. i am pretty sure the whole not welding to cast iron centre is purely pub talk. 9 gears with standard lsd, Couple of questions. BW78 diff with 3. Apr 01, 2012 · Hi fellas, New to this site, but not real new to the nissan skyline. Shortened Hilux differential featuring a 1352mm wheel bolt face to wheel bolt face total width, Standard Hilux drum brakes. These are the models Dudley Moore described as “boxy but good” in Crazy People, and the diffs out of them are better than good. DA032011 - Diff Lock Ready Axles; DA052017 - Dana Disc Brake Wheel Seal Change; DA022016 - D170 & D190 Part Number Supersessions; HAXL-PNI-091 - Reactivation of First Generation 170 190 590 Bearing Kits; HAXL-PNI-087 New Pinion Cover Plug 10039186; HAXL-PNI-086 - DANA 170 190 590 Sliding Clutch & Adjuster Design Change; Driveshaft Bulletins Aug 24, 2005 · The diff ratios and gear ratios for ke55 4 and 5 speeds are identical, except that the 5-speed has overdrive. Dec 26, 2014 · R31/bw78 diff shorten/leaf mounts is not cheap either but you don't have to drill the axles. Apr 10, 2014 · thanks,i rang the local diff shop and he said did the open centre have the vibration and i said no,then he said check your pressures in the rear tyres make sure they are the same ,because you have a LSD now that sounds like a common complaint to him,so off i go to the servo and yep the back left was down a bit on the other one ,so after fixing the pressure it didnt vibrate at all ! Shortened Hilux differential featuring a 1352mm wheel bolt face to wheel bolt face total width, Standard Hilux drum brakes. Im more than certain itd have something to do with the pinion or pinion flange setup/pr Harrop Engineering design, develop and manufacturing precision components for low volume automotive OEMs, Performance and Industrial markets. The diff ratio required is whatever closest is available to 4. The globes did,but the diff gear set went from XY to late XF utes I think Poida was right to state the legalities. 00. 1290 which = 12%. I am now at around 450 rwhp and starting to break axles. the vn diff centre is cast STEEL not cast IRON,so there is no drama welding the mild steel brackets on at all. 9 ratio. For those of you who don't know, the Turetac LSD centre is a geared/Torsion LSD centre. after going to a shop the bloke said the pinion bearing is stuffed. ive got a VS commodore with a 3. goes between Diff ratios:4. Te cortina, tidy original paint and interior. 45 ratio Lsd Diff has been fully rebuilt with new timken bearings seals etc reco Lsd centre is complete with disc brakes , new bushes etc , diff is the same width as vl commodore diff 1545 disc to disc Ready to bolt in Can pack onto a pallet for freight etc Can supply 3. The site Jim_Rockford007 has linked too does have some good basic info. The 4. obviously the weld and new studs will be cheaper, however relying on fill and weld wouldnt be as safe Strange Engineering RP07990370US - Strange Engineering Ring and Pinion Gears Compare US Strange Gear / Ford 9" / 3. 00 Sold Out. RB Factory. They also come apart in a different manner, which makes them easier to work on; as mentioned by bachig24u. R31 Skylines use 3. 7L form) pushing through it comfortably enough to maintain a factory Coming Soon. 45. any one have any experience in this area that can let me know if this will work or what problems i might have? cheers on May 26 2010, 08:02 AM within the General Dec 26, 2004 · They use the same Borg Warner model 78 (BW78) diff housing. LOKKA diff lockers give affordable traction to a huge range of 4x4 vehicles. When you put it in you will find the corona brake lines bolt straight up, the the lower arms are the same with apart, the uppers are about 15mm further apart and the bolts on the diff Shortened Hilux differential featuring a 1352mm wheel bolt face to wheel bolt face total width, Standard Hilux drum brakes. See other add for Holden Timken USA rear wheel bearings kits. The first problem with Cut to Fit (ctf) axles is the fact they have 30 little stress risers and 30 little troughs where the material has been removed - running down and away from the business end. if you change diff gears the pinion AND crown wheel have to be changed. It is reckoned those cars that came with factory LSD used the BW78 diff, along with the  21 Jan 2017 BW78 Borg Warner Ford 8. Some types of diff pinion bearing shims will work for this purpose, but use ones with a MAX OD of 2. 73's! Jan 07, 2016 · The BorgWarner BW78 is better known as a VN–VS or VL turbo diff, and was called ‘BTR 78’ by Holden. R31 bw78 can only be shorten to about 1370mm need to do about 1300mm to fit deep dish wheels that look great old school. Just wondering if anyone has had similar work done to same diff and results. Falc/Corty diffs are essentially the same. Otherwise it wont work, to much lash. 75 inch crown wheel but the inside diameter of the crown wheel is the same and the LSD unit is the same apart from ring-gear bolt handedness and size. Re: BW78 diff gear backlash by VK_3800 » Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:27 pm I always find it interesting that people have problems with the collapsible spacers, I've never once had an issue with one that was properly installed. 5 inch 10 bolt, 8. ET chassis 4 link rear end 8. This way I will not have to change the diff. i need to change the ratio to 4. I want to upgrade it to LSD, and I've been told that the best source for LSD parts in 25 spline are XE-EB ford, and some Changing diff gearing Hey guys, I have finally come to the conclusion that before any other modification can take place, i need to swap out my salisbury 10 bolt 3. 27 and use the LSD out of the AU sedan diff - this was from a reputable diff joint down here i have a 2. 00 A$0. borg warner / dana m78 m80 pinion shim 0. So coronas have a bw78?[/b] I am unsure if that is the model but am sure they are 28 spline, this means that 4. Rebuild Kits Have a look through our new range of high quality differential rebuild kits to suit a wide variety of vehicles. Several different styles of adaptor plates that convert a Hilux diff from drum to a 4 x 114. 5 comes in the turbo VL diffs Diff Suggestions for an arched mk2-Volvo axle? Hey guys, I have finally started getting into the guts of the car now, however I'm finding that everything is very dependant on one another. 55 is the same KAAZ LSD REAR diff centre, installation instructions and oil. Shorten the long tube to the same length as the small tube. 11 crown and pinion. Borgwarner diffs Toranas are prime candidates for BW converstions. when ordering sizes we need to know what shaft size its going over, or what hole its going down into. This kit suits standard or vs Commodore rear calipers. I want to use it as a road car so factory ratios should be ok. Some guys use spacers to work with the componets they have availabe. 422 likes. I'm not running huge HP at the moment, and want some handling. We do anything performance, from 4 cylinders This listing is for our dual caliper 300mm rear EL Falcon brake rotor adapters. Description VLTs and VL V8s were all built with 4 pinion 28 spline centres, with LSD as an option (noted by a brown filler plug), running single piston disc brakes, upon live axle (semi-floating) differential (non-IRS) housings. 25 diff Post by Stormin' Norman » Thu May 21, 2015 8:09 pm Well, I got me the right DANA 44 Trac-Lok from RockAuto, no less, at one heck of a price, and delivered in Canada, duty and taxes, and freight included for under $470 CDN$ Hi guys, VY SS, Auto, 3. I'd hate to see someone lock their diff and then accuse Poida of failing to indicate it was illegal to do so after their car was removed from the road (by authorities enforcing a legal technicality). vn commodore diff ratios: I have an fc and am looking to put a vn diff into it. 3 disc brake setup. What diff can i use. Standard diff ratio's. 27 open EB diff ,then got a LSD centre,swapped the crown gear over ,new carrier and wheel bearings,and the sucker is still noisy,i didnt change the pinion bearing . Please note when fitting this unit, when reusing your original pins, you will only need to use 1  It is based on technology derived from the Eaton Detroit Truetrac® limited-slip differential (LSD) which is a pioneer in helical gear based traction technology, and remains the leading helical gear-type limited slip diff in the industry. Jan 12, 2009 · My diff is a BW78 If my diff is a 2. 92:1 XD diff gears in my XE 2. The M78 uses a 7. Commodore Reinforced Lower Trailing Arms With new Yes gears will fit both hemisphere but the difference is with the pinion gear. Part Numbers * 38300-H1000BW Carrier & Diff Assembly * 38310-G0400BW Carrier * 38315-G0400BW Bolt-carrier bearing AXLE specs Seal: Plaseal 18557 Axle shaft diameter: 30mm Bearing O. Best one that got me was trying to put 2. Seen some around on ebay for $80-$100. [YEAH NAH] Red EL XR8 with Trick Flow top end kit, 70mm tb, 73mm maf, 24lb injectors, tweecer, 3. Welcome to our site. 9 and you could tell the difference even with the 22r be wary of the late and early model hiluxes have different housings i swaped a 4. Diff ratios:4. 8 Falcon Commodore Skyline diff centre removal without a spreader. At Repco, we have all the Gear Oils items you need, including Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip Diff Oil 80W-140 1L - 3378345. 5″ and a Min ID of 1. BW78 Diff Gears 3. Pintara has 2 pinon 25 spline axels 4. 27 (VP GTS). Interceptor508 36,957 views. 75BW [14080]. $995 drive in drive out or $895 if i bring in the diff. Larger tyre size divided x standard tyre size 35” divided by 31” = 1. YOU MAY ALSO NEED PINION NUT THE NEW THREAD IS 22MM. You're gonna need a pinion bearing shim. 050″ in . I'm now looking for one of these styles of LSD centre to fit into a BW78 diff, does anyone know of Jan 21, 2017 · BW78 Borg Warner Ford 8. Pintara uses different ratio gearset (4. High performance diff. 11 Landcruiser 60 = 4. Yukon Master Overhaul kit for GM 7. I suppose you can do it with the diff still bolted to the housing, but its much easier to remove the diff from the housing and do the removal and reinstallation on a work bench. Unfortunately vlt diff’s are starting to fetch higher dollars. Then say i get some commodore axles cut them down and throw them in. thought I'd start a thread about how I achieved fitting 28 spline axles into my corty housing . So i removed it and took it to a diff specialist to get 'rebuilt'. View Profile View Forum Posts Suitable diff for KE30 with 4AGE the front diff isn't much different than the rear except it doesn't have adjusters to set the backlash on the ring gear, I can however tell you that the pinion bearing is pressed on your gear won't be just a simple swap, therefore if you have a local pic n pull id go the same route as mentioned above. This didn't include any other parts (bearings etc). The only exception is the 2. Includes oil, fitting instructions. 50 thickness will fit ford ea eb ed el au ba bf fg holden vt vx xy xz diff shim 153039412967 Truetrac Differential The Eaton Detroit Truetrac® limited-slip differential is the pioneer in helical gear based traction technology. This kit is a bolt on kit to allow the use of 300mm EL Falcon DBA133 or equivalent rear rotors on a r31 BW78 diff. mate i say do it i changed my diff from a 4. Browsing this Thread: 1 Anonymous Users Bottom Previous Topic Next Topic Commodore V8 diffs are different. R31 BW78 28 spline = 30mm Also, the R31 diff is 1460mm wide and the differential carrier is off-centre meaning one side would require cutting down by 50mm to equal Anyways, the special thing about this diff is they had fitted a Kaaz LSD center rather than the standard Borgwarner LSD Cone Center. I searched on the BW78 diff, and it is used on a variety of cars, Subaru, Nissan etc, also. Jan 29, 2018 · The day has finally come when the crazy custom turbo commodore ute gets a set of upgraded diff gears! Going from stock 3. The devils in the details. Purchased for VS commodore and never installed, this car is also available in other listings. THIS ITEM IS NEW  Suitable only for 28 spline, 4 pinion Borg Warner 78 Series Differential. Just two brothers and a shed full of ideas. 73s & tired T5 = 275rwhp & 13. With the BW78 welded diffs and minispools I've driven in the past (in an R31) I found the welded diff to be quieter and smoother than the minispool. just normal taper roller/plain bearing or something (cnt remember) nothing special. 7s on your bw78 diff. i have just finished putting a 186 into it with similar specs to an xu1. Cuzzo. 10bucks each shipped anywhere. Sent with Australia Post Standard. 4x15 front and 10x15 rear pro street rims. i also have a supra five speed behind it. The one to fit my diff is a 28 spline and I will need to install billet axles. It does away with the panhard rod, and makes use of a central bell crank, mounted on the diff housing, and two (adjustable) arms off the bell crank to the i noticed no difference in handling with a BW78 over the standard diff 21-03-2006, 07:23 PM #27. Hi Guys, My wife drives a Ba Fairmont that now has a winging diff. They will NOT fit LSD. 1), 25 spline axles and 2-pinion centre. 7 or 3. i put a piece of bar on the end and wobbled back and forth and The Master Rebuild Kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to rebuild the center section of your differential. Mini Spools are fitted to an open centre diff (non-LSD). dqk648nw. Sort by Commodore BW78 diff dual caliper kit. borg warner / btr / dana m78 m80 pinion shim 0. 08 to a new set of Dana Spicer 3. 00 Our Gearbox & Diff Shims are made out of a high qaulity tool steel. 155@105mph NA. Trimatic is an underrated trans, they are quite good when set up right, stick a ratchet shifter on it & you can shift in manually, get lazy & you can just pop it in drive. This one is headed for a six-cylinder LH  25 Sep 2018 What diffs came in the R31? The R31 Skyline and Pintara came with either a BW75 or BW78 differential depending on year and model. 30 May 2017 Chryslers, Fords, Holdens, Commodores and even some Australian-built Nissans had BW solid axles under the rear. Basically, it sounds a hell of a lot whiny when I throttle on. 08 Differential Carrier Cases Differential Covers Differential Lockers & Spools Differential Rebuild Kits Driveshafts Gear & Install Kit Packages Housings, Dropouts & Pinion Supports Individual Bearings Limited Slip Differentials Miscellaneous Off-Road Recovery Gear Oils & Additives Ring & Pinion Gear Sets Small Parts & Seals Spider Gears & Internals BW78 diff with 3. 11 is probably the best ratio you can hope for. The advantage is they use the stronger 4-pinion centre, which is the same diff that went all the way to VT1, so it had up to 220kw (in HSV 5. really just looking to compare the cost of picking up ford axles and shortening them compared to getting new stud pattern welded and drilled onto vl axles. 50. To calculate correct ratio - Standard diff size x 12% example - 4. Sort by Parts that are almost ready for full scale production Commodore BW78 diff dual caliper kit. Here at Repco, we are passionate about stocking the finest quality parts at the most competitive prices. ⚪️ BorgWarner BW78 Diff A corty diff is about 15-20% lower than a Falc due to the smaller wheel size. It is a heavier diff than the BW78, which is probably why they're so strong. BW78 from GM Commodore VN can be narrowed to suit. 73 N2O - Off the road, awaiting 347 293ci and Astro Performance gear-kitted T5 (A5) Driveline systems designed to handle increased engine and braking performance are fundamental to success. The 9" is done from its from front and the same axle is now on your left. bw78 diff

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