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How do I then interpret the dump. 08. This driver makes use of the regmap API to optimize access to registers by caching registers where possible. c 138 139 /* save relevant PHY registers to private copy */ 140static void 390 391 /* Read the AT8035 PHY-Specific Status [PATCH net-next v4 6/8] net: phy: mscc: timestamping and PHC support. The mii_dev structure and miiphy calls are modified in such a way to allow the original mii command and miiphy infrastructure to work as before, but also to support a new set of APIs which allow (among other things) sharing of PHY driver code and 10G support The mii command will Dec 29, 2017 · - No. Oracle Linux Errata repository > ELSA-2017-3595; ELSA-2017-3595 - Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update Add PHY loopback to ethtool self-test. > > This was reported on the OdroidC2 (DWMAC + RTL8211F). When sending huge files ( >1. h Now just make sure that phydev->supported and phydev->advertising have any values pruned from them which don't make sense for your controller (a 10/100 controller may be connected to a gigabit capable PHY, so you would need to mask off SUPPORTED_1000baseT*). » Linux Archive: Linux-archive is a website aiming to archive linux email lists and to make them easily accessible for linux users/developers. ethtool -p ethX [N] *where [N] is Number of seconds to blink. This provides a view into the PHY over the MDIO bus; No CPSW interaction here Hello, I have encountered blocker while developing software for our client based on Apalis iMX6D Module. 3-c45 On 8/20/2012 4:55 PM, Bruce Allan wrote: > The helper functions which translate IEEE MDIO Manageable Device (MMD) > Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) registers 3. Do you know any tool that would make use of this capability ? * - If we are forcing, or aneg is done, timer moves to RUNNING * - If aneg is not done, timer moves to AN * - phy_stop moves to HALTED */ enum phy_state {PHY_DOWN = 0, PHY_STARTING, PHY_READY, PHY_PENDING, PHY_UP, PHY_AN, PHY_RUNNING, PHY_NOLINK, PHY_FORCING, PHY_CHANGELINK, PHY_HALTED, PHY_RESUMING}; /** * struct phy_c45_device_ids - 802. Especially try to read registers to see if PHY is working oki. It has the following improvements: * All PHYs now determine speed,duplex, etc using the same generic code, rather than PHY-specific registers. 9. ethtool ethtool --set-phy-tunable devname [ downshift on|off [count N] ]. We present here a short selection of often used ethtool commands together with some useful commands that are not well known. The DP83811 supports both rgmii and sgmii interfaces. h>. This issue was found by using the Synopsys EMAC and a Micrel ksz9021 phy on the The Release Notes provide high-level coverage of the improvements and additions that have been implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. 1GB) through scp from Ixora Development Board to host PC with 100Mbit ethernet card the transfer is terribly slow or even stalled. Supported ports: [ TP ] Supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full 1000baseT/Full Supported pause frame use: No Supports auto-negotiation: Yes Advertised link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full 1000baseT/Full Advertised pause frame use: No Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes Speed: 1000Mb/s Duplex: Full Port: Twisted Pair PHYAD: 2 Also in this video, we will look at the U-Boot utility MII tools, which is the equivalent of the Linux ethtool. phy to 10/100 mbps, but have found that the standard linux tools (ethtool and  Similarly, a network interface must register itself within specific kernel data The normal file operations (read, write, and so on) do not make sense when applied Most of these methods are relatively straightforward; see <linux/ethtool. h for definitions for these bitfields. 10 Mar 2020 phy received bits 5727412580956241 For an InfiniBand adapter port, run the following command on Linux or Windows OS: The Ethtool does not recognize all types of cables, so for some cables it shows the EEPROM memory map without any parsing --read_reg <Register> : Read register from cable. I have a DP83620 which on some devices display's LED_LINK inversed. Just an update to my earlier question: I found that the utility mii-tool can be used to read/write registers of the PHY through the MII interface. / drivers / net / usb / rtl8150. devname is the name of the network device on which ethtool should operate. 32 which seems not to support mii-tool IOCTLs and rather supports the newer ethtool, but I don't seem to  ethtool is used to query and control network device driver and hardware settings, particularly for wired Ethernet devices. PHY address. Antoine Tenart Tue, 23 Jun 2020 07:35:45 -0700 Should usually be set to ethtool_op_get_link(), 247 * which uses netif_carrier_ok(). Don't need to check len for zero 250 * or wraparound. h> for  unsigned int phy_supported_speeds(struct phy_device *phy, unsigned int Union of PHY and Attached devices' supported link modes */ /* See ethtool. 588 * devnum is the MMD device number within the PHY device, 589 * regnum is the register within the selected MMD device. request structure is never even passed to the phy_read() or phy_write() routines by phy_mii_ioclt(). How can i use ETHTOOL IOCTLs to do the same thing as I used with mii-tool ioctls, that is read phy's MII registers? If the desired PHY doesn’t have any errata, quirks, or special features you want to support, then it may be best to not add support, and let the PHY Abstraction Layer’s Generic PHY Driver do all of the work. I've finally gotten all of ebs's suggestions into the PHY code. I want to read out the PHY registers for inspection, and found ethtool --register-dump eth0. . Integrate new PHY in CPSW¶ You need to add new PHY driver if existing PHY drivers present in cpsw/src/phy/* does not support PHY present on your Board. 2 kernel Added by Timothy Entinger over 3 years ago We are using a Critical Link BSP for the MitySOM using the AM335x and a baseboard that has the Micrel KSZ9031 ethernet phy on it. a guest Apr 17th, 2020 253 Never Apr 17th, 2020 253 Never #define PHY_CAP 0x01E1 /* PHY CHIP Register 4 */ /* Time in jiffies before concluding the transmitter is hung. i want to access ethernet phy driver from linux user space, In uboot we can directly access phy registers using mii commands. ? 2013年5月6日 Linux 网卡驱动程序对ethtool 的支持和实现. phytool read IFACE/ADDR/REG phytool write IFACE/ADDR/REG <0-0xffff> phytool print IFACE/ADDR[/REG] where  1 Oct 2009 Can anyone shed some light on how I might read / write the PHY registers from userspace ? I've looked at ethtool, but it doesn't appear to work  31 Jul 2012 ethtool. phy_read() and phy_write() always use a phy_id that's taken from a different structure. List Ethernet Device Properties. */ void phy_mac_interrupt (struct phy_device * phydev) {/* Trigger a state machine change */ queue_work (system_power_efficient_wq, & phydev-> phy_queue);} EXPORT_SYMBOL (phy_mac_interrupt); /** * phy_init_eee - init and check the EEE feature * @phydev: target phy_device struct * @clk_stop_enable Re: Accessing PHY registers using MDIO bus with emaclite Hi Giulio ! After spending quite a while trying to get mii-tool and ethtool working for setting the link speed, I gave up and turned to a ugly hack in xilinx_emaclite. 3 的若干 条款加以定义。MDIO 是一种简单 #define MII_BMCR 0x00 /* Basic mode control register */ first, a dummy read, needed to latch some MII phys */. deb for Debian 8 from Debian Main repository. 7 update, refer to the Technical Notes. 1 qsphy0 1 : /* 2 : * linux/mii. 从典型的以太网控制 MDIO/MDC,即 PHY 管理接口串行通信总线,该总线由IEEE 通过以太网标准IEEE 802. Create PHY Lib for U-Boot Extends the mii_dev structure to participate in a full-blown MDIO and PHY driver scheme. In the mii library, use the ethtool flag definition and stop including <linux/mdio. I get a dump of hex bytes. I have similar code running (and working) with an KSZ8081RNA. phy: berlin-sata: Add support for BG2 SATA PHY commit. ethtool -p eth0 15 Blink ethernet device 0 for 15 seconds Look there! Blinking lights at the back of your ethernet adaptor. 3 or a  Ethtool. Provided my driver support the SIOCSMIIREG ioctl, I should be able to write any mii register. On a Red Hat VM, if I disconnect the NIC, ethtool immediately shows Link detected: no instead of Link detected: yes, and ip link show shows <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> instead of <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP>, but ifconfig -a shows UP BROADCAST MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1, which is the same as when the NIC is connected. The DP83869 is a robust, low power, fully featured Physical Layer transceiver with integrated PMD sublayers to support 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T Ethernet protocols. 6. android / kernel / common / 8f237d3133b0672c337c27a1e34daad2b4e76f45 / . David, what about enabling ethtool to read/write from/to the PHY registers (via passing PHY ID and register number)? I'm trying to get ICplus IP175D running and it has lots of registers, that I would like to look at dynamically. Essentially just modifying the phy_write() commands to setup what I wanted. However, you may want to play with register settings to get more info about the problem you have. May 09, 2018 · Add support for the DP83811 phy. Also, for example you may want to try to set your PHY into 100Mb mode and check if that will help. 20, 7. Protocol as well as the procedure and architecture of Altera 1588 system solution reference design using Altera Arria V SoC, 10G Ethernet MAC with 10G BASE-R PHY hardware IP and software stack which is build based on Linux kernel v3. Example: changing link speeds This will read all registers that are specified in the datasheet and  int write(struct mii_bus *bus, int mii_id, int regnum, u16 value); int read(struct mii_bus *bus, mii_id is the address on the bus for the PHY, and regnum is the register number. yes supports-test: yes supports-eeprom-access: yes supports-register-dump: yes p — Wake on PHY activity. It's not guaranteed any valid answer from PHY while PHY communication can even hang. Now the DP83620 registers are 16 bits. phy: add support for USB cluster on the Armada 375 SoC commit. 300 301 int phy_mii_ioctl(struct phy_device 今回は、そんな時に使える通常コマンドである『mii-tool』と『ethtool』について紹介する。 link ok registers for MII PHY 0: 1140 I did not see this capability in ethtool. Launchpad Bug Tracker Tue, 09 Jun 2020 14:37:04 -0700 When 585 * not provided, the default MMD read function will be used 586 * by phy_read_mmd(), which will use either a direct read for 587 * Clause 45 PHYs or an indirect read for Clause 22 PHYs. 1041 */ 1042: eee_lp = phy_read_mmd Generated on The relevant declarations for ethtool support may be found in <linux/ethtool. phy: exynos5-usbdrd: Add pipe-clk, utmi-clk and itp-clk support commit. I'm looking for something equivalent to the U-boot memory dump (md) command, to be used in the context of driver debugging. org, a friendly and active Linux Community. * phy_ethtool_sset - generic ethtool sset function, handles all the details * the EEE advertising registers. h> for the details. General Documentation for Ethernet PHY registers I am working on a board that has an older PHY chip KSZ8721BL. Is register 00H the first two bytes "01 02"? And what is the If left out, the most common registers will be shown. In the mdio library, assert that its own flags continue to match those in the ethtool interface. See include/linux/ethtool. phytool. The MII utility that is built into U-boot accesses the MII compatible registers of a PHY. 60 and 7. Usage. • Read at address 0x44E1090C (0xb6fbd90c): 0x00000029 3. Code surrounded in tildes is easier to read ~~~ 8 Dec 2018 ethtool -d|--register-dump devname [raw on|off] [hex on|off] [file name]. Example: Seeing MAC & PHY info. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. A  9 Apr 2019 Explains how to check network adapter status including Wireless and Ethernet devices on Linux using ip, ethtool, wavemon, and other  The Ethernet link layer is built using the elements we just saw (MAC, PHY. Posted 7/16/08 9:40 AM, 13 messages LXR linux/ drivers/ net/ phy/ at803x. For detailed documentation on all changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the 6. sh <command> [args] setup - setup phytool and ethtool required for demo WARNING: will override system tools dump_regs <eth> - show all reg values WARNING: some registers will be cleared on read phy_read_mmd <eth> <reg-addr> - read value from a MMD register phy_write_mmd <eth> <reg-addr> <val> - write value to MMD register cable_diagnostics <eth> - run cable diagnostics on cable Trigger the state machine and work a work queue. 2019 17:32, Christian Herber wrote: >> BASE-T1 is a category of Ethernet PHYs. 8. The first two examples are information queries and show the use of the different formats of the Tag Description; 0x001 10 Half 0x002 10 Full 0x004 100 Half 0x008 100 Full 0x010 1000 Half(not supported by IEEE standards) 0x020 1000 Full 0x8000 2500 Full(not supported by IEEE standards) Usage: adintool. com> This ethernet driver supports the Micorchip enc424j600/626j600 Ethernet controller over a SPI bus interface. Refer to PHY integration guide which has details for adding support for new PHY in CPSW LLD. 10 was released on 19 Feb 2017. -- phy-statistics Queries the specified network device for PHY specific statistics. 16 Step 16 – Linux ethtool Command Add comments for ethtool_cmd::phy_address and ethtool_cmd::mdio_support, and definitions of the flags currently used in mdio_support. A lot of the same information that ethtool provides also can be found with MII tools, such as link status, and line mode duplicity, and whether auto-negotiation completed. Add support for it in the bcm-phy-lib so they can easily be used in the PHY Aug 19, 2019 · On 16. phy: add the Berlin USB PHY driver commit. 7/NEWS" (4 Jun 2020, 23404 Bytes) of package and PHY downshift 177 * Feature: add register dump support for fjes driver (-d option) Update register dump support for IBM EMAC (-d option) 217 (requires Linux 4. phy: marvell: Add support for 88E3016 FastEthernet PHY commit. When you execute ethtool command with a device name, it displays the following information about the ethernet device. eth0, eth1, etc. #define TX_TIMEOUT (6000 * HZ / 1000) This Application Note describes the overview concept of IEEE 1588v2 standard and Precision Time Protocol as well as the procedure and architecture of Altera 1588 system solution reference design using Altera Arria V SoC, 10G Ethernet MAC with 10G BASE-R PHY hardware IP and software stack which is build based on Linux kernel v3. KSZ9031 phy support for the 3. Regarding the devmem2 tool, it can read the DM814x Ethernet subsystem registers, but it seams can not read the PHY registers, as these are external for the DM814x device and have some complexity for the read/write operations (see TRM MDIO). h. The PHY concerns itself with negotiating link parameters with the link: partner on the other side of the network connection (typically [Kernel-packages] [Bug 1874444] Re: Bionic ubuntu ethtool doesn't check ring parameters boundaries. Linux 4. In testing, I retrieved all of the registers from both PHY chips and am comparing them. Examples ~ # phytool read eth4/0/4 0x0de1 ~ # phytool print eth0/0 ieee-phy: id:0x01410eb1 ieee-phy: reg:BMCR(0x00) val:0x1140 flags: -reset -loopback +aneg-enable -power-down -isolate -aneg-restart -collision-test speed: 1000-full ieee-phy: reg:BMSR(0x01) val:0x7949 capabilities: -100-b4 Ethtool utility is used to view and change the ethernet device parameters. h: definitions for MII-compatible transceivers 3 : * Originally drivers/net/sunhme. Member "ethtool-5. Lost in SMI - How to read a PHY register I'm trying to read registers from my LAN9303M in PHY mode. 248 * @get_eeprom: Read data from the device EEPROM. 316 */ 317: static inline u32 ethtool_adv_to_mii_adv_x(u32 ethadv) 318 {319 Phy work with Linux. Feb 18, 2014 · Mans, It seems that ethtool can be used for register dump on a desktop PC, but register dump on DM814x device is not supported with ethtool. Any change made with the ethtool program does not persist across reboots or network module (driver) reloads by default. May 25, 2011 · Or, follow the blinking lights with ethtool. 2019 23:13, Heiner Kallweit wrote: > > On 15. 4. e. To get the hard-address requires reading the device registers directly and is thus completely device specific. The following code makes something happen over the SMI (MDIO/MCK) lines but it doesn't completely match what the LAN9303M datasheet states as SMI frame format. MII PHY mdio_read mdio_write mdio_reset adjust_link DMA Access TX BD Ring management RX BD Ring management ETHTOOL Get/Set settingsHooks Get drv info Get Link Get /Set WOL ethtool support PHY Library X1082_03_032113 Oct 08, 2008 · Distributed Switch Architecture is a protocol for managing hardware switch chips. c. Linux MDIO register access. See the red highlight to notice the goal. 5, a preloader, 10G-bps Contribute to git-mirror/linux development by creating an account on GitHub. e1000e in a follow-on patch). 1) Writing to the phy's internal registers after the kernel reset's the phy at start-up. eth1: attached PHY driver [Generic PHY] (mii_bus:phy_addr=1:03, irq=-1) Can anyone shed some light on how I might read / write the PHY registers from userspace ? I've looked at ethtool, but it doesn't appear to work:-# ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Supported ports: [ TP MII ] Supported link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full How to access non ethernet phy device register over mdio bus from user space As the phy device is not an ethenet phy I am a bit confused; it is not expected to link with rest of the ethernet sub system, should not be having any interface, i. Before setting the persistent options for ethtool, make sure you have the latest version of the package initscripts. ethtool -d|--register-dump devname [raw on|off] [hex on|off] [file name] ethtool -- set-phy-tunable devname [ downshift on|off [count N] ] [ fast-link-down on|off [ msecs N] ] If value is not specified, stdin is read and written to the EEPROM. 1. This one little switch has saved my bacon countless times, especially when setting up firewall/router appliances. For a full list of commands type ethtool -h or see the man page, ethtool(8), for a more comprehensive list and explanation. For a full list, see include/linux/phy. ethtool If value is not specified, stdin is read and written to the EEPROM. Summary: This release adds support for virtualized GPUs, a new 'perf c2c' tool for cacheline contention analysis in NUMA systems, a new 'perf sched timehist' command for a detailed history of task scheduling, improved writeback management that should make the system more responsive under heavy writing load, a new hybrid block polling method that uses PHY . 7. Last four patches add the new DT property, implement support for PHY regulator in phy and mdio code and set the new property in the DT file for MediaTek's pumpkin boards. It consists of a set of MII management registers and commands to configure the switch, and an ethernet header format to signal which of the ports of the switch a packet was received from or is intended to be sent to. Ethtool is a utility for configuration of Network Interface Cards ( NICs ). Most notably, the one bit that indicates its an SMI transaction is wrong. read and print the register contents at the end of am335x_ksz9031_phy_fixup. This is independent of LinuxPTP and can be used to program the DP83640 to output PTP synchronized clocks or issue triggers at a user specified PTP time on its GPIO pins. Download ethtool_3. PHY Abstraction Layer (Updated 2008-04-08) Purpose: Most network devices consist of set of registers which provide an interface: to a MAC layer, which communicates with the physical connection through a: PHY. 16, consists of PTP stack LinuxPTP v1. If file is specified, then use contents of previous raw register dump, rather than reading from the device. >> They use a single copper pair for transmission. -V, --version  When raw is enabled, then ethtool dumps the raw register data to stdout. Options But the linux kenel I am using is 2. On a single-board computer running Linux, is there a way to read the contents of the device configuration registers that control hardware? I think it would be a wrapper for inw(). 32 which seems not to support mii-tool IOCTLs and rather supports the newer ethtool, but I don't seem to find any ethtool subcommand which can server the same purpose as above. (Michael Read ethtool man page on Linux: $ man 8 ethtool ethtool -i|--driver devname; ethtool -d|--register-dump devname [: raw on|off] [hex on|off] [file name] ethtool - r|--negotiate devname; ethtool -S|--statistics devname; ethtool --phy-statistics  But the linux kenel I am using is 2. ), and mii-tool: deprecated and mostly replaced by ethtool, but can be useful to dump the PHY registers are standardized, the phylib does most of the hard work. ethtool is used to query and control network device driver and hardware settings, particularly for wired Ethernet devices. Sign in. 249 * Should fill in the magic field. 213 : * - If we are forcing, or aneg is done, timer moves to RUNNING 214 : * - If aneg is not done, timer moves to AN 215 : * - phy_stop moves to HALTED 216 : */ 217 : enum phy_state { 218 : PHY_DOWN=0, 219 : PHY_STARTING, 220 : PHY_READY, 221 : PHY_PENDING, 222 : PHY_UP, 223 : PHY_AN, 224 : PHY_RUNNING, 225 : PHY_NOLINK, 226 : PHY_FORCING, 227 In function phy_mii_ioctl i put the calls to phy_read and phy_write inside mutex locks and commented any particular switch that could be made based on the register being written via ioctl (in fact my phy does have paged register and register 1 is the status register only if the selected page is 0) and I was not going to alter control registers Nov 05, 2019 · Add support for the TI DP83869 Gigabit ethernet phy device. h for for reading a given PHY register * @phydev: the phy_device struct * @regnum:   Cadence Macb Linux Driver for Zynq, Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC and Versal This driver can be used with gmii2rgmii converter driver; Support for EthTool queries; NAPI Ethernet phy devices are recognized based on identifier registers and phy information in PCS_status register (to be read twice because of stick bits). However that field _is_ checked by phy_mii_ioclt() and there are certain side effects if the phy id you're attempting to write to Initial draft of a helper which uses generic elements present in several net drivers to implement ethtool ioctl support in a minimum amount of 291 292 static inline int phy_read_status(struct phy_device *phydev); 293 294 Fills the phydev structure with up-to-date information about the current 295 settings in the PHY. similarly i want to read and write phy registers from linux user space . Oct 01, 2015 · From: Jon Ringle <jringle@gridpoint. Register access is done through MDIO interface (MDIO and MDC pins). g. At the core of it is a structure of type ethtool_ops, which contains a full 24 different methods for ethtool support. 61 to and from > the comparable ethtool supported/advertised settings will be needed by > drivers other than those in PHYLIB (e. extended phy registers, return a failure code if not supported, or to default to libphy's IEEE defined method for accessing the mmd extended phy registers. With driver e1000e will fail while reading register 0x07. 296 297 int phy_ethtool_sset(struct phy_device *phydev, struct ethtool_cmd *cmd); 298 299 Ethtool convenience functions. There are 2 part numbers for this the DP83TC811R does not reliably support the SGMII interface but the DP83TC811S will. If file is specified, If value is not specified, stdin is read and written to the EEPROM. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. 5, a preloader, 10G-bps Ethernet MAC driver and a PTP driver. May 10, 2020 · Most modern broadcom PHYs support ECD (enhanced cable diagnostics). * ethtool_adv_to_mii_adv_x: 311 * @ethadv: the ethtool advertisement settings: 312 * 313 * A small helper function that translates ethtool advertisement: 314 * settings to phy autonegotiation advertisements for the: 315 * MII_CTRL1000 register when in 1000Base-X mode. No ioctl can or should give you the hard-address. > > In the same fashion as similar translation functions in See "PHY interface mode" below. 16-1_amd64. Tool/software: Linux. 4 : * 5 : * Copyright (C) 1996, 1999, 2001 David S Welcome to LinuxQuestions. devname is the name of the network device Linux Manual Pages » Session 8 » Starting with e ethtool is used to query and control network device driver and hardware settings, particularly for wired Ethernet devices. Most of these methods are relatively straightforward; see <linux/ethtool. 590 */ 591 int (*read_mmd Nov 15, 2016 · On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 03:29:12PM +0100, Jerome Brunet wrote: > On some platforms, energy efficient ethernet with rtl8211 devices is > causing issue, like throughput drop or broken link. blob: d363b31053da13e667dc9793026041353ef1c3bb Untitled. . The Ethtool sample application shows an implementation of an ethtool-like API and regs : Dump port register(s) to file; ringparam : Get/set ring parameters . Follow the steps given below to add the changes in such a way that they apply automatically at boot. The following is an example of the messages displayed when a network interface with an attached PHY is detected by the kernel: epic0 at pci0 dev 12 function 0: SMC EPIC/100 Fast Ethernet epic0: interrupting at kn20aa irq 4 epic0: SMC9432TX, Ethernet address 00:e0:29:07:17:c4 qsphy0 at epic0 phy 3: QS6612 10/100 media interface, rev. phy: miphy28lp: Add SSC support for PCIE commit We delay the ID read until after the logical device is created and resets have been configured. Here is the new version. linux read phy registers ethtool

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